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Take Your Yard Back From Mosquitoes

Let’s face it – mosquitoes make terrible guests. If swarms of mosquitoes are buzzing and biting, it can be difficult to enjoy your backyard. Citronella candles and bug spray can only get you so far when you’re dealing with these stubborn pests. That's why you need professional mosquito exterminators.


Mosquito Control in North Texas

Mosquitoes flying

Mosquitoes thrive in hot weather – something we have plenty of here in Texas, and in most cases, a mosquito infestation won’t resolve itself until the weather cools down in late fall. In fact, because female mosquitoes can lay up to 300 eggs at one time, a small invasion only takes a short amount of time before it can become a very large problem that lasts all summer long. 

Protect the Health of Your Family With Expert Mosquito Control

Even more important than being able to enjoy the Texas sunshine from your outdoor spaces is the protection and health of your family and pets. When you choose Myles Pest Services for mosquito control services, you’ll be protecting them from more than just itchy bites and welts – you’ll be keeping them protected from diseases that mosquitoes are known to carry, like: 

  • Zika Virus
  • West Nile Virus
  • Yellow Fever
  • & more

DIY Mosquito Control Methods Don't Work

You may have tried to use bug sprays, zappers, or traps in the past, and these DIY options may bring short-term relief; but they won’t stop mosquitoes from continuing to multiply around your home. In fact, products that release pesticides and larvicides into the air around your home can put your family more at risk if used incorrectly.


Our Highly Effective Mosquito Program

Have no fear - our professional mosquito control methods work. We've designed our mosquito control program to coincide with the times that mosquitoes are most active. Our applications take place March through October, targeting all harborage areas including leafy vegetation, marshy areas in your lawn, and spot-treating standing water where mosquitoes like to live and breed. You can trust that when mosquitoes are ready to come back – we’ll get there first! Our mosquito treatments include:

  • Detailed pre-treatment inspections to identify and eliminate potential breeding grounds
  • Application of concentrated formulas in high-risk areas to eliminate adult mosquitoes and larvae
  • Highly-tested, EPA-approved formulas that won’t put your children or pets at risk

Our mosquito exterminators are experts at delivering our mosquito treatments with precision, so you can rest easy knowing that after treatments have dried, your children and pets can return to play in the backyard!

30 Years of Putting Our Clients First

At Myles Pest Services, we’ve been caring for homeowners for 30 years. Our highly trained mosquito exterminators also happen to be some of the most knowledgeable, courteous pest control experts in the area. In fact, most of our exterminators are homeowners in the North Texas area, just like you! We know how frustrating a mosquito problem can be, and that’s why we work hard to deliver the same quality of care we’d give our own families. 

Get $25 and Give $25 to A Friend

We also want to ensure your friends are safe, so check out our referral program. When you choose Myles Pest Services for pest control in North Texas, you can also refer a friend and you will receive a $25 check and the new customer will get a $25 discount on their first service. 

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Local Pest Control for Local Pest Problems

If mosquitoes are threatening your ability to enjoy your yard, it’s time to invest in professional mosquito treatments to eradicate existing populations and prevent them from returning. Our mosquito control services are offered throughout the Fort Worth area, including:

If you’re sick of swatting at mosquitoes, we can help! Let Myles Pest Services eliminate your mosquito problems so that your family can enjoy the peaceful backyard experience you deserve. If you are also looking for fire ant, flea, and tick control, we can help with those too! 

Tell mosquitoes to buzz off!

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