Meet Our Trusted Team

Our entire team is dedicated to help prevent pests from entering your home for you and every member of our customer-family in the Greater Fort Worth area. Meet the people who will be working together to effectively eliminate pests from your home and help maintain your high quality of life. 

Our Core Values

At Myles Pest Services we believe in a few core values that foster our company to be the best choice for you and your family. These include:

  • Faithful – We recognize that we would not be who or where we are without the work of God in our lives or in our business. He gives and He takes away, and we have much to be thankful for.
  • Family-strong – As a family working together, we also recognize each of our customers as an adopted member of our family. That’s why you will hear us reference our amazing customer-family often. We are proud to be a good, positive, well-functioning family, and we are more than happy to have you join our greater customer-family!
  • Ethical (integrity) – Being truthful and upfront with our customer-family is essential to building the long-term, trustworthy relationships we value as people and as a business. This also means that we uphold our promises even when customers are not aware of it.
  • Courteous & Respectful – Terms that go hand-in-hand, we strive to communicate and interact with each member of our customer-family in a polite, friendly manner. This means being considerate of every person’s distinct situation -for example: a mom with young children, a busy homeowner with a restricted schedule, or varying age groups with differences in communication preferences.
  • Exceptional – We take pride in the ways that we are different from each other. Each member of our company is unique, and our company is different from other pest control companies. Exceptional also speaks into the kind of customer service we provide, striving for complete customer satisfaction while maintaining personal and company integrity, and endeavoring to grow in our knowledge and effectiveness as people and as pest control providers in an ever-changing area of commerce. 
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