Meet Our Trusted Team

Since 1989, the Myles family has been helping Household Heroes keep pests out of their home and off their to-do lists. Starting from North Richland Hills and expanding to the Greater Fort Worth area, Myles Pest Services has been helping homeowners like you enjoy the comfort of your home - without pests! Meet the owners and family behind the scenes of Myles Pest Services! 

Our Guiding Principles

At Myles Pest Services, success looks like helping Household Heroes win the day! That means keeping pests out of your home and off your to-do list. To help make that happen, we use these in-house "TOOLS for success:"

Truthfulness (vs. deception). It is imperative that facts be communicated in such a way that we build trusting relationships - "We say the truth in love."

Ownership (vs. laziness). In order to get the job done, we have to take on the health and goodness of our responsibilities in our sphere of influence - "We own our roles."  

Optimism (vs. degradation). To battle cultural norms of skepticism and cynicism, we seek to express a positive mindset through our words and actions - "We look on the bright side."

Learning and Growth (vs. complacency). As people we strive to exemplify the desire for greater expertise and maturity, both personally and professionally - "We ask questions" and  "We celebrate failure" as an opportunity for growth. 

Servant-heartedness (vs. selfishness). As provider in the service industry it is only fitting that we yield our agenda to the needs of others with a desire to serve - "We go the extra mile."

We know you don't want pests in your home. And we know you have better things to do. Contact us today, and we'll help you win the day by getting pests out and keeping them out!

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