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Careers at Myles Pest Services

Want to be part of the Myles Pest Services family? We are a locally owned business that has been servicing the Dallas-Fort Worth area since 1989. Our promise to provide excellent services and solutions is shown through the commitment and dedication of our company to achieve great results that are prompt, convenient, and environmentally friendly.

The culture at Myles Pest Services is built on our shared core values: Vision-Driven, Order and Process, Christian Character, Wisdom, and Adaptability. Being Vision-Driven is all about knowing where you want to go, as a company and as an individual. Order and Process is all about the things we do to reach those goals and achieve those results. Christian Character is all about carrying yourself with dignity and integrity and engaging others with care and consideration. Wisdom is all about using your knowledge and experience to always make the best decisions. And Adaptability is all about being able and willing to make the changes necessary to succeed.

We hire, fire, review, reward, and recognize our teammates based on these characteristics, so it’s important that you share these values in order to be part of our team. If you feel like you can contribute to our team, fill out the form below to apply today!

We are currently hiring for a Universal Technician. To read about this position, click here.

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