Universal Technician

Job Overview 

Reports To The Universal Technician will be overseen by and report to management, including the Lead Technician, Lead
Salesman, Office Manager, and President.
Job Overview The Universal Technician is the face of the company, interacting and communicating with customers on a daily
basis. With ongoing training and a variety of leadership opportunities, the Universal Technician is set up to
successfully provide professional pest control services, communicate beneficial and pertinent information with
customers, and create and maintain essential and relevant practices that insure integrity, professionalism, and
friendliness. An extremely interesting and diverse work subject and work environment provide a Universal
Technician many different ways to grow while balancing the importance of life with family and friends.

Responsibilities and Duties

• Provide customers with respectful, professional, and friendly assistance with their pest control needs.
• Inspect customer properties and identify present and potential pest problems. (Thorough, company-paid
training provided.)
• Communicate with current and potential customers in a patient, respectful, thorough manner regarding
pertinent pest control information.
• Formulate and perform highly effective as well as environmentally friendly pest control treatment options.
• Operate an iPad Tablet. (Myles Pest Services is a paperless company.)
• Maintain necessary pest control supplies in company vehicle on a daily basis.
• Operate and maintain company vehicle in a patient and respectful manner.
• Communicate with office staff and/or management regarding daily operations, collections, personal
successes, and potential improvement opportunities.
• Care for, respect, encourage, and, in general, communicate positively with fellow team members.
• Take an individual interest in the overall success, well-being, and improvement of Myles Pest Services.

Qualifications • No experience required
• Able to communicate clearly and effectively
• Positivity
• Self-motivation
• Teachability
• Self-accountability
• Able to carry 50-pound backpack
• Able to confidently and safely navigate attics, crawlspaces and roofs, climb ladders
• Able to walk for 30 minutes in the summer
• Able to speak with customers and team members in a kind and friendly manner