The commercial sector brings its own challenges and obstacles when it comes to pests. Whether you’re managing offices, warehouses, family dwellings, or restaurants, Myles Pest Services is experienced and trusted to tackle your pest problems.


Property Management

We get it. There’s always a fire to put out.

The Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex is vast and varied. No two properties are alike, and no two tenants are the same. And an unhappy tenant can cause you headache and cost you money.

Having dealt with your issues before, Myles Pest Services is trusted to correctly identify pest problems and provide swift, cost-effective solutions. Whether it be for two properties, or for 200.

Invite Myles Pest Services to make your job easier. We’ll custom-fit a program for you and your team. And we’ll manage your pests, so you can manage your properties.

Pest Problem Solved



Commercial Kitchens and Restaurants

We love eating at your restaurant. But no one wants to see a roach crawling around in your facility.

If you’re a restaurant owner, your establishment is probably one of the things you value most. You put your time and your effort into making your restaurant stand out from among the crowd. Service and quality are key. And almost nothing can tear down your reputation like negative publicity.

That’s why we know that you need service, and you need it confidentially. Myles Pest Services protects many restaurants in the Dallas/Ft. Worth are. We are experts in dealing with your issues. Prevention is always the way to go, but when you’re bombarded with pests, Myles Pest Services is your champion. We want you and your treasure to thrive.

Invite us out to customize a plan for you that will let you focus on quality and growth, instead of roaches and rodents.



Warehouse and Manufacturing

You don’t want them. You just don’t want them around.

Rodents and insects make the warehouse a dingy and annoying place to be and work. And have you ever shipped insects or even a rodent to one of your customers unknowingly? That’s not the kind of impression you want to make.

Insects like crickets, roaches and beetles as well as rats are a common part of the Metroplex environment. Keeping your employees and customers from having to see and deal with them can be a difficult task.

Myles Pest Services protects dozens of warehouses and manufacturing buildings from rodents and insects. We’ll get rid of your pest problems so you can make your products better and your customers happier.